TV & Film

We've linked the Jimmy Kimmel Show in California with boy band One Direction in Tennessee, The X Factor judges in London with musicians in Los Angeles and appeared in Hollywood films such as Promised Land and The Five Year Engagement.


When the big news stories break, you want to hear from the people on the scene. You want to see what they see. Hear what they hear. Skype is often used in bringing on-the-ground coverage straight to your TV, radio or desktop - with many of the world's famous newsrooms - including the BBC and CNN integrating Skype into their reports.

Live Events

Whether you're streaming a live gig, interviewing stars or on-site at one of the world's biggest sporting events - Skype allows you to get audiences closer to the action than ever before. We've connected fans with movie stars at film premieres and helped people from around the world join industry events.


Our Skype Collaboration Project and other lifestyle campaigns aim to bring audiences closer to the industries that interest them - and even teaches us a thing or two about the hard work going on out there. To do that, we've joined forces with top names in art, fashion and music.