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This just in: Skype TX for Radio!

We’re thrilled to announce our latest release: Skype TX for Radio!

Launched via a partnership between Microsoft and Broadcast Bionics, Skype TX for Radio offers a much-needed solution for radio broadcasters, enabling more efficient and optimized production workflows.

By allowing broadcasters to integrate Skype seamlessly into phone calls, SMS and social media, Skype TX for Radio combines cost efficiency with easy-to-use features ideal for talk radio, remote hosts, guests and reporters in the field.

Thanks to Skype, for the first time radio stations can produce full multi-line talkshow and contest formats with high volumes of codec quality calls, all from a single PC. In fact, Skype TX for Radio delivers up to 16 lines from a Skype TX for Radio server (or virtual machine), making the system highly affordable and hugely scalable.

Additional features of Skype TX for Radio include:

Expansive global reach – Skype TX for Radio opens new interactive possibilities for developing countries, enables a single point of contact for global broadcasters and allows interaction with podcast/streaming stations without access to traditional phone lines.

Integration with existing radio workflows – PhoneBOX4 user interface enables seamless Skype TX for Radio incorporation, and combines Skype calls with traditional phone lines as well as SMS and social media. Skype TX for Radio integrates access to the full Skype directory and search functionality into PhoneBOX4 as well as adding PhoneBOX4’s caller history, analytics, visual talkback and recording functionality to Skype calls.

Enables connections, in real-time – Reporters can contribute immediately to update rapidly changing situations, sports commentary or results, without the need for taking specialist broadcast hardware into the field.

For more information on Skype TX for Radio, visit us at NAB in Las Vegas, this April 22-27th. We look forward to seeing you there!

Broadcast Bionics:

Broadcast Bionics are developers of PhoneBOX, Oasis and Virtual Director. The industry standard in exceptional audience engagement and communication for Radio and TV.

Formed in 1992, Broadcast Bionics pioneered the use of hard disk systems and has been at the forefront of creative and technical changes ever since. Leading studio innovations in computer telephony, audio over IP, social media and radio visualization.  Bionics PhoneBOX software helps content creators connect calls and curate social media for a global monthly audience of more than a billion people.

Bionics name and reputation is built on the quality of their products, attention to detail and unparalleled levels of support and customer care.

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