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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I sign up for original Skype?

    Sign up for a Skype account and find out more details on Skype’s consumer model.

  • What Internet speed should I use?

    We suggest using dedicated broadband Internet with greater than 1.2MBPS bandwidth for High Definition calling. You can also test any remote call quality using this Internet speed test. More information is available in our Media guidelines

  • Will Skype TX work on a tablet?

    Skype TX can be connected with any tablet that has the latest compatible Skype client, including Windows, iOs and Android.

  • Can Skype TX be used on a smaller mobile unit?

    Not currently, but users can connect remotely to Skype TX using the Skype app on their mobile.

  • Will Skype TX work on a laptop?

    Skype TX can connect to any laptop which has a video-enabled Skype client.

  • Does Skype TX only work on a Windows platform?

    Yes, Skype TX only runs on a Windows operating system.

  • What are the video and audio output formats?

    All HD-SDI and SD-SDI broadcast standards are supported up to 1080i. Audio output can be analogue or SDI.

  • How many units can be controlled by Skype TX software?

    The largest production to date involved 40 units working simultaneously.

  • How many Skype calls can be made using one Skype TX box?

    Skype TX supports one call per unit. Multiple units can be used for one broadcast.

  • Will my team need training in Skype TX hardware and software?

    No, the system comes with an easy-to-follow user guide.

  • How easy is it to install Skype TX into the broadcast chain?

    Skype TX is designed to be easy to install and simple to use.

  • What are Skype’s Broadcast Terms of Service?

    Any use of the Skype Software in a broadcast is subject to theBroadcast Terms of Service. You must agree to these Broadcast Terms of Service to use Skype software in any broadcast.

  • How can I be kept informed about when Skype TX will be available?

    You can register your interest in the Skype TX product here. We will send you more details when they are available.

  • Will the product be available globally?

    Yes, there are plans to distribute globally.

  • How much will Skype TX cost?

    Skype TX is available via our manufacturing partners, you can find out more about them and the costs here.

  • How does Skype TX work?

    Find out more about the running of Skype TX here.

  • Will there be a subscription process like there is with consumer Skype?

    There is no subscription model currently being considered.

  • Why can’t the original Skype be used by broadcasters?

    Skype TX has enhanced capabilities, inputting and outputting full frame video HD-SDI formats with broadcast friendly audio.

  • What is the difference between Skype TX and the original Skype?

    Skype TX is a studio-grade solution, designed specifically for use by broadcasters to connect with any Skype user, creating optimum on-air quality. Skype TX also ensures video feeds are free of distractions such as call notifications and ads.

  • What is Skype TX?

    Skype TX is a studio-grade hardware and software solution from Microsoft, which allows you to seamlessly integrate Skype callers from anywhere in the world into your broadcast.

  • What is Skype In Media?

    Skype In Media is a program created by Skype for broadcasters and media organizations. Its focus is on sharing the Skype experience through television, radio, digital and other media platforms.

  • Where can I find the Skype in Media brand guidelines?

    For a full list of our brand guidelines and tips on how to use Skype, email with a short description of your broadcast.

  • Does Skype have to be mentioned verbally on-air?

    Yes. Please refer to our Broadcast Guidelines, which can be obtained by emailing

  • Are there UI templates available for my device?

    Yes, a range of UI templates are available now. Please with your request and details of your broadcast.

  • Can I download Skype sounds?

    Skype sounds are available now by emailing your request, together with details of your broadcast, to

  • Where can I find the Skype watermark and logo?

    The full and up-to-date brand watermark and logo are available now from – please email us with your request. Only this watermark and logo should be used on-screen with Skype.

  • Are there any restrictions on Skype branding?

    Full branding guidelines are available and must be adhered to. Please email the Skype in Media team on media@microsoft.comwith details of your broadcast.

  • Is Skype TX compatible with all Skype clients?

    Yes, remote participants can connect to Skype TX using any Skype client.

  • What Service Level Agreements apply to Skype TX?

    The regular terms of use of Skype apply to any Skype calls. The Skype TX hardware and software will be governed by Skype TX’s specific use rights.

  • Is Skype TX a hardware or software product?

    The Skype TX product includes both the Skype TX software, as well as the hardware on which it runs.

See how to get Skype TX from one of our partners