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FLOTUS inspires young women around the world with Skype

Concerning the education, opportunities and full-on empowerment of today’s women—what better way to inspire the masses than via Skype? Last week, for International Day of the Girl, we set out to do just that. Partnering with world-renowned magazine Glamour and the First Lady herself, Skype enabled a front-and-center panel discussion between Michelle Obama and eager females around the globe.

Hot topics that were addressed included the dreams and aspirations of young gals everywhere, and the various challenges currently encircling girls gaining access to quality education. “We set out to bring awareness to the challenges girls around the world have faced and overcome in getting an education,” Annie Fox, Senior Executive Digital Director for Glamour explained. “It was important to us that we give the girls a platform to share their stories in their own voices. With Skype, we facilitated real-time conversations in Washington D.C., Jordan, Peru, Tanzania, and the United Kingdom, bridging the gap between girls of different geographical locations.”

Mirroring her praise, Mark Poncher, Executive Producer for RoundBoxx Group stated, “Working with the Skype team was a great experience. As world-class professionals, their detailed and conscientious work ensured our connections to remote locations looked and sounded really good.”

Managing the technical side of one classroom calling in was Christopher Stone, Technical Manager from the Mulberry School for Girls in east London, UK. Renowned for providing young women a platform for their voices to be heard, promoting women’s rights, and empowering the next generation of leaders, Mulberry selected Skype as the tool to connect and inspire their students—as well as young women around the world.

Thrilled to be included in Day of the Girl festivities, Chris needed a reliable solution that would manage a high-quality camera feed as well as allow participating students to have a fully immersive, enjoyable experience during their call. “Skype TX was the system that not only provided great benefits for this event, but substantially enhanced how we connected with the world. Additionally, it ensures new learning opportunities for our students via the many other conferences we host.”

The event proved a resounding success and yet another example of Skype TX bringing contributors together from across the globe, making compelling content for a vital cause.

Photo: Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Glamour.

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