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Lights, Skype, action

Whether the world of broadcasting is a hip new hobby between you and your buddies, or your production company’s itching to introduce that latest, greatest plot to the world at large — we can help. From the nitty-gritty technicalities, to any “bigger picture” components worth considering — our experts are equipped with all the necessary know how for creating unmissable media moments.

To help producers and contributors prepare for their shoot featuring Skype, we’ve assembled this short article, alongside an extended white paper. In order to streamline the whole set-up process, there are several things to consider in advance:

3 simple tips

  • Download latest & greatest Skype client for the device the caller will use
  • Use a dedicated unfettered high speed internet connection (HD requires a robust download/upload speed)
  • Set your shot: Get a HD USB webcam, USB speakerphone or earbuds to improve audio. Get lighting right.

Testing, testing, testing

  • Get callers comfortable using Skype & interacting with show & each other
  • Back channel communications throughout needed: cell phones, email addresses, & communication about production maintained
  • Studio technical & production team test with caller before live engagement (one day & then again four hours ahead of taping)

Have a back up

  • If you can have a third caller or fifth caller, great!

Here, you’ll find even more information, courtesy of Skype in Media Head of Production, Louise Court —an easy yet in-depth list of contributor rudiments to run through.

From stabilizing your Internet connection and choosing the ideal set location, to staging the perfect spotlight and nailing your smiley close-up — we’ve got you covered.

To find out more about how we can help make the most of your production, just get in touch over email or Twitter and we’ll be happy to talk you through any questions.

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