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NewTek’s NDI™ forecast looks promising

Likely at the heart of digital production companies everywhere, is the desire to accomplish more via less resources. Thanks to the recent incorporation of NewTek’s NDI™ (Network Digital Interface) into their daily broadcasts and production workflow, The Weather Company, an IBM business, has managed to do just that.
The addition has not only improved their overall quality of live video, but ensured their mobile-led weather show The Lift and the Ari Effect produces innovative live-video content for their social media networks.

Rather than increase the amount of video production equipment or hire additional staff, the weather company opted to simplify their workflow and streamline internal production processes. The key product in this transformation was NewTek’s NDI software suite, which includes NewTek Connect Pro, NewTek IsoCorder Pro, NDI Scan Converter, and NDI Telestrator. As NDI works with industry standard computers and a Gigabit Ethernet network, it negates the need for format conversion and other complex, time-consuming steps. In short, NDI has been a total game changer for the team, improving their coverage of time-sensitive news content and enabling them to gain a competitive edge in the industry.

It was just one week before the 2016 NAB show that The Weather Company begin discussing NDI as a means of optimizing their existing VPN to bring in real-time videos from multiple sources—without sacrificing quality. When the team decided to go for it, the immediate benefits of using NDI quickly became clear.

Once video is on their NDI- enabled VPN, their entire editorial team can watch all the live feeds from storm chasers, field reporters and other sources—in real-time. By using NewTek Connect Pro software to create a web server, authorized users can watch as many as 16 different video feeds in multi-viewer fashion, on a device of their choice. In other words, whether the team is in the studio together or streaming remotely from different locations, they’re able to evaluate the same raw footage seamlessly and collaboratively.

NewTek uses Skype TX to improve every Skype video call with video and audio enhancements to deliver great productions to audiences.

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