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Riedel goes for broadcasting gold with the Friends of the Games

Just weeks ago, the world collectively tuned-in to the legacy-makings and losses of over 10,000 athletes. Hosted from global hotspot Rio, the 2016 Games included more than 200 countries, 42 different sports, and back-to-back footage of the finest displays of sportsmanship.

Matching peak-performers with an A-game all their own, Riedel, our Germany-based TX manufacturing partners created a notable commotion via a community-based broadcasting hub. Thinking outside the box (literally), Riedel masterminds extended their TX solution to include an entire communication infrastructure—and just in time for the gold-medaled games to begin.

Their initiative was launched due to the ever-changing (and quickly escalating) challenges behind sports broadcasts, as well as the desire to further demonstrate the unifying and community-minded capabilities of seamless, fully integrated technology. Teaming up with various other hi-tech “behind the scenes heroes”, Riedel launched the Friends of the Games Lounge, a space in a multi-level house with live broadcasts from the top floor, and a fully equipped ground-floor lounge that encouraged casual conversations among live-stream competitions.

Not surprisingly, Riedel’s Lounge appealed to a wide variety of Rio-attendees. Sports enthusiasts and broadcasting experts filed in for beers and good-natured banter. “We brought together editors, producers, broadcasters, CEOs and freelancers,” states Serkan Güner, Riedel PR Manager. “Various athletes also stopped by the lounge. The gold medalists for the Swiss rowing team came by to check it out, as well as a member of the Italian sailing team.” He continues, “At one point during the games, it was very windy out. The Swiss broadcaster SRF wasn’t able to broadcast, so they came to us and said ‘Can we broadcast from your lounge?’ and we said ‘Yes of course!’”

The initiative proved such a success, that Riedel launched a microsite and social channels, with plans on launching similar events moving forward. After all, the broadcasting industry (especially where sports viewership is concerned) will only continue advancing. The more opportunities for broadcasters to come together, share space, exchange ideas and produce content, the better for creators and consumers alike.


Riedel is a STX-200 broadcast-grade professional Skype interface that integrates Skype users into professional broadcast workflows. A reliable, 1 RU, single-box solution, Riedel allows broadcasters to engage with reporters as well as viewers in live programing. Consumers have the ability to manage multiple Skype TX channels from a single user interface, as well as manage stream resolution, aspect ratios, FPS, logo overlays and various audio options. Additionally, Riedel’s STX-200 provides unique device monitoring functions, such as temperature measurement and system status, that can be monitored by means of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

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