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Skype and VICE News bring the world to your door step

Skype grew out of a vision to make the world a smaller place by bringing people together through technology. More than a decade later, that goal stands stronger than ever. As part of our continued journey, we’ve joined forces with VICE News part of VICE – one of the most innovative voices in today’s media.

Redefining news and journalism, VICE News is a multi-platform focused news source geared toward today’s young, digital-native audiences. Placing reporters on the frontline of emerging events and widespread issues around the globe, VICE News produces gritty and thought-provoking snapshots of the changing world in which we live. That’s where Skype comes in.

With VICE, we’re bringing you and your questions to today’s most pressing issues and their experts. And we’re doing it live. Here’s an example.

In the past, VICE News reached only as far as their roving reporters could take them. Now, our partnership stretches their reach even further and makes it not just possible, but easy for reporters to talk directly to their audiences. Furthermore, people from all over can speak out and have their thoughts become part of the bigger picture

““Skype is enabling VICE News to continue to break down barriers, making it easier to gather and share truly global stories. Skype TX allows us to bring in a wide range of voices and faces into the conversation – which lets ideas, and not technology, dictate the story.” – Sterling Proffer, General Manager, VICE News”

 Want to get started? Learn how to send your questions in the video below.

As the world and the way news is being reported begins to change, we’re excited to be part of that future and extend the opportunity to you for the chance to truly be heard.

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