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Skype joins forces with The Late Late Show to play Face Your Father

This past weekend, dads everywhere were spoilt rotten. And to celebrate Father’s Day, Skype teamed up with host James Corden for a father and daughter face-off — with hilarious consequences.

Accepting the Face Your Father challenge to see how well they know their dads, contestants Missy and Molly joined their respective pops, Rob and Brad, over Skype to face a series of questions. During the segment, Corden covered off a number of topics, including “manscaping”, snooping on cell phones and that forbidden thought: how often Missy and Molly’s parents ‘do the wild thing’. In the end both sets of families won a Father’s Day dinner courtesy of The Late Late Show.

Joining The Late Late Show earlier this year, Corden had some rather large Craig Ferguson sized shoes to fill. But the British funny man has, for the most part, made the show his own with an affable manner, a boundless enthusiasm for comedy and popular culture as well as an absolute honker of a laugh. CBS bosses will also be pleased to note that Corden’s late night program is the most social talk show in its time period per Nielsen’s social media measurements, as reported by The Wrap.

Earlier in the series, idiosyncratic comedian and band leader Reggie Watts answered fans questions over Skype — including one from fellow comic, Sarah Silverman. Like the Father’s Day segment, all the video calls with Reggie were shot in HD using Skype TX. Using impeccable contributor best practices including good lighting, great composition and headphones on, perhaps it’s no coincidence that the episode was The Late Late Show’s highest rating in 5 years.

Have a question for Reggie? Find out how you can ask him here.

The Late Late Show with James Corden is another example of prime time television making use of Skype TX to create ratings-boosting content. Keep up to date with other innovative content uses of Skype TX in television by bookmarking the site and following Skype in Media on Twitter.

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