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Skype TX and The Late Late Show combine to create comedy gold

Don’t get us wrong—we’re all for “breaking news” and inventive headlines. With the current trajectory of participatory television, the more real-time reporting we can circulate among audiences (let alone engage them with), the better.That said, there’s something to be said for airing less serious content. Creating broadcasts around the too-often underrated genre: comedy. Interacting with viewers for the sole sake of a smile (or better yet, a side-splitting chuckle).

With Skype TX in one hand, and an endless supply of one-liners in the other, The Late Late Show is doing just that — cracking up the crowds, one Skype-supported skit at a time. While host and inherent funnyman James Corden is no stranger to Skype TX, more recent segments have featured in-house musician Reggie Watts via the hardware/software solution as well.

CBS’s latest to air: Reggie’s Scary Roommate. An up-close confession wherein the Seattle-based artist details a less-than-ideal living situation (red lights and Satanic stare-downs included). The story spooked us but it didn’t stop two audience members and their roommates joining in on the fun in Face Your Roommate, watch it below.

Perfect for anyone looking to integrate Skype into their production workflow, the end-to-end broadcast solution now enables contributors to sit down, have a chat, and—in the case of Watts and co.—share some laughs.

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