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Skype TX takes to Americana tunes

Once Ronnie and Amy Wright tied the knot, it was only a matter of time before their shared passions for music, business management, and broadcast and media followed suit. Longtime lovers of any kind of melody, both partners have participated in bands for decades, strumming various instruments and bringing their own stellar vocals to the stage.

When stars finally aligned, DittyTV was born. A Memphis-based television network focused on featuring Americana and Roots styled tunes. Charmingly referred to as “vintage MTV Television,” Ditty broadcasts 24/7 content from their Memphis hotspot, the South Main Arts District. Their content appeals to a wide age-range of viewers, with U.S. accounts amounting for 80 percent of the broadcast’s quickly growing half-million viewers per month.

However, given Ditty’s variety of broadcast content and small-business budget constraints, the Wrights needed a system that could ensure premium content—without breaking the bank. Quite the daunting task, given the network’s 12 separate programs, continual lineup of interviews and live performances, and modest amount of available funds.

Ronnie, having a foot in the computer science/electrical engineering door, vowed to design a production facility that integrated maximum efficiency, cost effectiveness, minimum personnel, and a system that allowed for minimal post-production work.

While establishing their new workflow required a several technologies to come together, DittyTV landed on the TriCaster, an industry-leading, multi-media studio from Skype TX partner NewTek. Initially designed to ensure seamless use and ultimate simplicity, NewTek offers a single producer creative control over every aspect of a live show, including: video sources, audio, virtual mix/effects channels, keys, digital and media players, graphics, multi-viewer monitoring, and more.

For artist interviews, Ditty employs the NewTek TalkShow VS-100 video calling production system, designed for television and live event producers using Skype. Not only can the Wrights now initiate calls from any video-enabled device running Skype software, they have complete control of every aspect of the video call.

Additionally, the NewTek TriCaster and TalkShow system allows Ditty to broadcast live any time, from anywhere around the world. The duo has set up a remote rig as well, enabling TalkShow to be used as a highly economic tele-video conference call. Being able to display interviews in real-time—while chatting with guests, regardless of their global locale—has enabled DittyTV to expand and engage audiences with compelling, relevant content.

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