Our broadcast technology

We’re committed to giving our users the best Skype experience possible on all platforms – which is why we created Skype TX technology specifically for use within a studio environment.

Skype TX is an easy-to-use hardware and software combination that allows Skype video calls from anywhere in the world to be seamlessly integrated into any production.

SkypeTX Basic Workflow

Benefits of using Skype TX:

  • Skype TX hardware and software is easy to set up, with experts on hand should you need advice or assistance.
  • The hardware has been designed for use in a studio environment, with call output in full frame HD-SDI formats with embedded or balanced audio.
  • HD-SDI video can also be sent back to the caller along with balanced audio.
  • Video and audio are free from all notifications, signals, adverts or pop-ups.
  • Skype TX takes care of aspect ratio mismatches automatically and the software operator has full control over screen aspect ratios using Skype TX software.

See examples of how Skype TX could help your broadcasts.

What’s new: Skype TX is ready for its close up

Hear the latest about our release to manufacturing and the three new hardware partners joining the Skype family.

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