Skype TX is an easy-to-use hardware and software combination that allows Skype video calls from anywhere in the world to be seamlessly integrated into any production.

Skype TX is enabled by our three manufacturing partners: New Tek, Quicklink and Riedel.


TalkShow VS-100 is a video calling production system designed for television studios and live event producers. Enhance every Skype video call with video and audio enhancements to deliver a great production to your audience. TalkShow VS-100 offers these unique benefits:

  • Fully integrated DanteTM audio support
  • Full- bandwidth call recording 
  • Manual and auto color correction controls.
  • One-click, talk-back communication between operator and caller
  • Tally notification to indicate when calls are off the air

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The Quicklink TX is a 19-inch 1U rack mounted hardware solution that converts Skype calls into a professional quality video/audio signal. The SD/HD SDI input and output with embedded audio allows professional broadcasters to connect seamlessly to over 300 million monthly connected users through a single integrated production grade system. Key features include:

  • Professional audio and video calls
  • Stackable 1U shallow rack mount server with touch screen display
  • Full integration with Dante Audio over I.P solutions
  •  Optional Bondio offers:

  • Bonding technology for enhanced video/audio when using Windows 8.1
  • Data is split and transmitted through multiple tunnels for added security
  • Forward Error Correction compensates for data packet loss and data errors

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The STX-200 runs the Skype TX software and is fully compatible with standard free Skype clients and therefore it integrates seamlessly any Skype user worldwide into the broadcast environment. 

  • 19” low depth, 1RU dimension
  • (HD-) SDI Full Duplex In-/Output
  • Balanced and Embedded Audio In-/Output
  • AES67 (optional)
  • GPI In/Output
  • Genlock Input
  • Skype TX Control Software, to manage all STX-200 units within user’s network

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