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TF1 game show uses Quicklink TX Multi as preferred Skype solution

Now being broadcast on Europe’s largest television channel TF1, “Cinq à sept avec Arthur” provides audiences with current news and daily headlines. The Quicklink TX Multi allowed viewers to call in through Skype for the opportunity to win prizes on-air.

The solution was provided by Alternative Developpement, an IT broadcast solutions company that specializes in the development of entertainment and television game shows. Quicklink TX Multi allowed TF1 to introduce 12 viewers—calling in from various parts of France—to interact with the studio’s presenter.

TX Multi allowed Alternative Developpement to receive a studio-grade quality of video and audio transmission, as well as ensured the successful production of their live programming. Aurélien Collet, Operation & Coordination Manager of AD-TV explains: “We chose Quicklink because our live transmission relies on robust and proven hardware.” Due to the successful airing, Alternative Developpement is looking to implement Quicklink TX into future projects.

About Alternative Développement

Alternative Developpement is a broadcast solutions company that specializes in entertainment and television games. Created in 2000, AD is part of the MEDIATRIBU group. 

About TF1

TF1 is a private national French television channel, controlled by TF1 Group, whose major share-holder is Bouygues. With an average market share of 24%, TF1 is the most popular domestic network, and is considered the most viewed television channel in Europe. Flagship series include CSI, The Voice and House M.D. 

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