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The month in Broadcast: November

This month in broadcast, we’re seeing everything from drone etiquette and live cloud-produced productions, to A-listers shocking their fans and the ultimate Facebook/media dupe. Needless to say, as we charge towards 2016, the broadcast and media industry seems to only pick up steam.


November 22nd marked a historical feat for the show Carlo’s TV Café. Produced via cloud production technology, the show successfully capped what the production company, DutchView Infostrada, praises as a world first. Broadcast through remote-controlled Cloud Production, a newly started IP-based video production platform from DutchView Infostrada, Carlo’s was aired on Dutch commercial TV channel RTL4. As an equally successful follow-up, the next day, the network broadcasted Voetbal Inside on RTL7 using the same technology. Producers (and fellow industry enthusiasts) are thrilled as Cloud Production offers a highly efficient solution. Centralized resources equates to smaller crews needed on location, putting more money in producers’ pockets for content and ideation.


Last week Tin Le took the internet by storm, when he pulled a pretty brilliant fast one on Facebook. After posting a screenshot of an Australian passport proclaiming his full name was Phuc Dat Bich, and claiming Facebook had repeatedly shut down his account for “using a false and misleading name,” Tin finally came clean. The altered picture was set up as a prank, intended to tease the news media, and lightheartedly highlight the ridiculousness of Facebook’s “real name” policy. Well played, Tin. Well played.

Meanwhile, Star Wars fans encountered a Han Solo-esque surprise, when Harrison Ford himself stepped into their Skype video call. Initially established as a necessary chat between fans (donors to the Star Wars: Force for Change charity) and campaign organizers Omaze, the conversation quickly melted into a variety of shocked expressions and ecstatic shrieking. After being asked about their devotion to all things Star Wars, Ford popped on-screen, Skype-bombing the conversation in the best way possible.


Look up these days, and there’s an increasing chance you’ll see much more than clouds and crows. Drones are taking off—literally, and to such an extent that tips, tricks and even etiquette are starting to circulate. A recent BroadcastNow article addresses a wanna-be drone owner’s checklist of considerations. While the first no-brainer is simply “know the law,” from there they elaborate on more necessary technicalities, including: insurance, speed, budget and camera equipment.


Fremantle Media has recently acquired a stake in Full Fat TV, the indie established by Colette Foster (former Remarkable managing director). The investment is stated to allow the Birmingham-based indie to grow into a thriving, sustainable business. Following the deal, Fremantle Media International plans to air Full Fat’s programs, which is said to focus on fact-based entertainment.

Also hitting the headlines: our era’s digital means of moving up in the world. In other words, Skype interviews, social media scans, and online RVs are continuing to set the stage for virtual interviews. While understanding technologies is, as always, been considered a strength, a recent Guardian-led Twitter chat addressed how to handle utilizing these technologies before and during a job hunt.

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