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Turkey sandwiches and all-day boxset binges are a distant memory, 2016 is up and running. And to keep up with the rapid developments of the broadcast industry, we’ve opted to produce a weekly bulletin for your viewing needs. Meaning, eager readers such as yourselves can check-in with Skype in Media for all the most vital media and broadcast updates, news and views. After all, there’s a lot of tech-backed, audience-fueled momentum out there—best we ride this wave together.


Forget the cat—there’s more than one way to sell a product. And companies like Fullscreen and GroupM know this more than most. In our ever-connected era, video broadcasts and digital celebrities prime the ripest fields for reaping and sowing influence. Depending on your end goal, a YouTube personality often carries more weight (read: connects with your ready-to-buy audience) better than any ol’ A-lister. Intent on better leveraging these assets, agency GroupM officially shook hands with Fullscreen, crafting a space where clients and technology can combine forces.


Turns out “The Truth is Out There.” Still. Supernatural diehards (or full-on fans of Duchovny and Anderson) were likely ecstatic at this year’s impending return of the always-solemn FBI agents Mulder and Scully in The X-Files. While US broadcaster Fox confirmed re-airing the series for the first time in a near decade, more recent announcements have awarded the UK’s Channel 5 as the home of the new, up-and-coming six-part series, set to broadcast early this year.

Last year Skype in Media was able to wander NAB. As the world’s leading gathering for industry pros, the Las Vegas convention caters to those designing and distributing media across all platforms. For 2016, Broadcast Beat Magazine will produce and host “NAB Show LIVE” (airing April 17-21), and will broadcast online as well as feature live streaming of select conference sessions.


New year, new look, new you? BBC3 certainly hopes so. The company just revealed a new logo as a precursor to its shift toward an online-only service (a transition slated for March 2016). Excited for the alteration? You should be. They even anticipated as much, by incorporating an exclamation mark into their design.


Just this week, Netflix announced soaring growth among its distribution markets. Now live in 130 additional countries (including South Korea, Russia and India), the streaming service shows no signs of slowing. The expansion marks an era where global audiences can simultaneously tune in to their favorite television shows and movies.

The English Premier League media engagements show no sign of slowing either, despite indifferent form Manchester United has just landed an agreement with Sina Sports. The handshake happened over a contract to broadcast their 24/7 in-house channel MUTV in China—where the pro team has already won the hearts of over 100 million fans. While Skype announced a partnership with the storied Liverpool FC.


Meet Tablo. A device that allows audiences sans TV to watch shows whenever they want, on the platform of their choice. By recording broadcast television and letting users play it back anytime, the service employs WiFi for streaming recorded shows across anything from iPhones, and laptops to your Roku.

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