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Watch From Box to Broadcast parts 3 & 4

Skype TX controller is at the heart of Skype TX’s functionality — providing everything you need, within one window.

Skype TX controller really does put you in charge — hence the name. From logo positioning, aspect ratio and even being able to set up the minimum resolution of the video that you’re receiving — it’s all about control, simplicity and quality.

For more hints and tips on getting the most out of Skype TX, watch our third guide in a series of four films that explain everything you need to know about the new Skype TX controller.

Setting up remote callers, our hints and tips

Because remote calls often suffer from problems, we’ve got a range of handy hints and tips that will guide you to perfect results.

Often it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference. For example, just a few adjustments to a window curtain, making sure you sit in the right place and using the correct type of mic and camera should all guarantee great results. What’s better — Wi-Fi or wired? Our short film will help explain how to get the best quality and stability if you want to set up a remote call like a pro.

Want to hear more? Watch the fourth and final video from our From Box To Broadcast series, which tells you even more tips for successfully setting up remote callers.

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